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This quality will serve you well when you trade your voice to a sea witch in return for legs but might get in the way when you're trying to seduce a hunky coastal prince.Be careful that your daydreams don't take up too much of your time, though, or like Ariel, you'll be spending your days thinking about where the people are instead of going up there and dancing yourself. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do with your life, let’s take a look at the top professions for each zodiac sign so that you can enjoy some guidance from above.As an Aries, you always take the lead, especially in difficult situations.This idea, which came about in Babylon in the 2 century AD, is still popular today in the form of astrology—the art of divining a person’s traits and fate through the power of their zodiac sign.

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Many of us tend to meander through life, picking up odd jobs and chasing the occasional passion, but true purpose eludes us.Taurus, aka the bull, is known for stubbornness, but if an evil witch imprisons you in a tower and your only way out is via your hair, you can call it "perseverance" instead.Like Rapunzel, you're a patient friend and usually take a down-to-earth perspective on life — literally, once you get out of that damn tower.As a Leo, you're all about being the center of attention.

Having an unruly mane of red hair like Merida's will certainly help in this respect, but if that's not possible, your creativity and gregariousness ought to do the trick.It also happens to be a water sign, and when frozen, water turns into ice, thus making this an extra-perfect descriptor of Elsa.

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