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30-Dec-2020 21:25

So rare in "average" words, other than in the prefix ex- (itself implying an absence, a vanishing), its appearance makes us jump, however briefly.And, as followers of politics may have noticed, X seems to be enjoying a new variation on its themes, with its use on successive days by prime minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown and prime minister-in-waiting (somewhat longer) David Cameron.But initial X is still hardly a major linguistic player.My own slang database reports a mere 30 terms at this letter, whereas the monstrous S offers 12,000, and B scores 9,850.The States also offers the mysterious "Ped Xing".) Such words as do start with the letter, such as xenophobia or xylophone, are from Greek, and the X is pronounced more as a Z.It is Greek, none the less, that brought the use of X as an abbreviation for Christ.In this position, the prisoner's arm is more easily broken than extricated." In the world of Nancy Mitford, if not of Irving Welsh, X can mean another type of cross: angry.

Culture and technology wouldn't be the same without it.It may be coincidence that xenophobia, fear of foreigners, is one of English's few X-words, but it is also conveniently symbolic.