Wsus not updating itself

25-Feb-2020 05:22

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We used non-domain machines and Novell services all the way up through 2015, so we always set our Windows Update settings via batch file (which just set reg keys) during a machine's initial setup.

Never missed a lick across a few thousand machines on XP, 7, 8.x and their Server equivalents.

Whereas my experience starts with 10, basically...honestly, immediately after I posted that comment I began second-guessing myself. I’m usually better than that, but this was something I researched way back in 2015, so some of the details escape me.

I’d run a test lab scenario with v1709, but I have more important trials to run on my virtualization host.

It's one of the simplest patching systems to set up that I've ever used.

I'd setup WSUS for 5 hosts frankly, given the control it provides and how little effort it takes.

(If it worked and then stopped working months later, that is)This. It’ll never update nor will the setting revert While not optimal - it may not be by choice.

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We’ve seen over the last two years that Windows update is mandatory to maintain security.

We have some systems that we update manually, and need to disable automatic updates on.

We used to just disable the windows update service and re-enable it when we need to update, but now it seems that Windows Update will re-enable itself automatically. Gpo to point to wsus and create a group if you truly need to manual update. Lacking domain connectivity would only affect your ability to set your Windows Update settings via domain group policy.

I thought I had covered the bases, but windows 10 does what it wants.

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I found an article that covers the 15 places you need to disable updates to stop them in the current win10 build, but it's very frustrating as at some point some update will turn some of them back off and force updates again.I'm not going to defend Microsoft's overly aggressive patching stance in Windows 10, but if you're not going to use the tools WSUS is a pain in the ass to set up.hardly worth the bother for a small number of hosts like in OP's situation.