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11-May-2020 21:02

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He is the fifth and youngest child, with one brother and three sisters.

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[ 97, -7] Just because people keep saying Sooyoung's gotten prettier, don't think you can cross the line.. [ 89, -3] Sooyoung has bragging rights for the rest of her life now 10.

With their ability to lay low without any scandals or news during their entire careers, my gut tells me this is nicely staged to go public with their relationship which means its serious and we might have another early Hallyu star taking himself off the available market soon.

Everyone is mesmerized by her beauty when she is on screen.

The only audience boon is seeing two very beautiful people falling in love, rather like watching a drama couple in real life and perhaps learning about a rather romantic dating history.

Or as romantic as being in the same agency and sharing the same stylist and thereby spending time together and falling in love, which is allegedly the spark that has now mushroomed into a possible relationship between reclusive K-actor Won Bin ().

She is very photogenic and she has a beautiful body.