Women in prison for dating postal dating

05-Mar-2020 18:51

"I felt more comfortable being out in the world than in prison," Maria said.

"Out in the world you can choose who you hang out with. You never know who's going to be homophobic or violent."Sally mentioned women using tricks to hide their sexual activity, such as dropping a sheet over their bunks.

"We presented as a couple to everybody." Sally said they met "on the inside" and presented themselves as a couple because of the strong bond they shared, not because they feared advances from other women.

"I never heard from her again [after Elsa was deported] and I think if she was still alive I would have," Sally said.

Then they fight and brutalize each other...being incarcerated is a violent environment..comes with racism and homophobia." Bozelko agreed intimate partner violence was commonplace in Connecticut prison romances as well.

"They would beat each other up routinely," she said.

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But female inmates' experiences varied drastically depending on what kind of prisons they were in.

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