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#tiedtogether' Simons said backstage after his bow: 'When you have a voice, you should use it.' It seems that LRS Studio followed his advice later on Friday afternoon when designer Raul Solis, 32, brazenly wrote 'f*** your wall' and 'no ban, no wall' on underwear in a clear message to President Trump.

Raf Simons (left) made the jump to Calvin Klein from Christian Dior in 2015.

A message sent out to guests before the show said: 'Unity, inclusion, hope and acceptance: Join us at Calvin Klein in wearing the white bandanna.

#tiedtogether' Solis, an immigrant from Mexico, also had topless women in the show as a symbol of feminine sexual empowerment.

He told W Magazine: 'It’s important to have that message of sexual empowerment, especially now—to say, "Hey, actually, you can do whatever you want."'I don’t get too political, but obviously [this season] it’s impossible to dismiss.' Creatures of Comfort had a model wear a sweatshirt that said: 'We are all human beings', which tied into the industry's stance of inclusion on Thursday.

The political messages weren't just limited to on the runways, front-row guests also wore statements on their sleeves.

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People need the right to be able to breathe easy no matter where we are in life and the justice system should be the ones to deal with that, not just the police officers.' Adam Duckworth posted on the company's Facebook page criticising the t-shirt.

This will be his fourth Winter Games; he previously competed in Turin in 2006, in Vancouver in 2010, and in Sochi in 2014. You may recognize her name from the music business — she makes up one half of the electro-rock group Phantogram.