Who is liz mcclarnon dating

13-Jul-2020 10:38

Do you have a personal pension or a long-term financial strategy?

Yes, I do have a personal pension, which I set up on the advice of my manager fairly recently.

They weigh up every situation so well and work things to my best advantage. About eight or nine years ago I found out about a property deal.

Apartments in north London were being sold off cheaply because the developer had messed up on the plans for how many could be put into a building.

Some people think you have more money than you can spend so they decide they are not returning it to you, and they don’t tell you that. Also, I was naive about new car depreciation when I was much younger.

I bought a very expensive Audi towards the end of my first stint with Atomic Kitten and didn’t realise that the car would lose value the minute I took possession of it.

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I was very young and still living at home when I joined the band and we started out being given £15 a week.

Did your win on Celebrity Master Chef in 2008 lead to other opportunities? I’ve appeared on TV cookery shows and cookery slots on lifestyle TV programmes, plus I have worked commercially with food brands. In the case of Florida grapefruit, I now really like the fruit after trying this one compared to normal grapefruit, and it is fun to use them in creating dishes. After joining Atomic Kitten, which led to so many opportunities, picking the right people to have around me has been key to my success.