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Sami and Rafe did not get to see the Di Meras go to jail, but E. They were happy to attend the dedication of the new Horton Town Square together. had a recording of Nicole confessing that Rafe was never the father and the child was E. Sami was furious and broke up with Rafe on the spot. Sami was the one who told Rafe and helped him through the troubling news. But, on the day of the wedding Chad announced that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby. Sami was furious with Gabi for scheming to keep a Brady away from the Brady family and yelled at Gabi. Sami tried to reach out to Rafe for the good of the baby, but Rafe was worried that Sami was still after his sister, and was plotting to encourage Will to sue for full custody of the baby. Worried about his sister and still upset about Sami and E. He ran into an equally as drunk Kate and the two ended up in bed together.

Sami was thrilled to see Carrie, Austin, Marlena, and John show up at the dedication as well. Little did Sami or Rafe know that Sami's son, Will, was the father of Gabi's baby. Everyone assumed that Nick was the father of the baby. When Rafe heard the way that Sami was yelling at his sister, Rafe broke things off with Sami and accused Will of abandoning Gabi. The two continued to sleep together regularlly, but didn't tell anyone about their relationship. He told Will and the news trickled out to a few people at a time.

Rafe continued to investigate Sydney's kidnapping, as he was not convinced that Anna was working alone. After a face off with Arnold, Sami realized who the real Rafe was and helped him tie up Arnold and lock him in the bathroom.

Still having no memory, Rafe asked Sami who she was. As she was talking, Rafe regained all of his memories. They moved Arnold to an abandoned warehouse where they kept him tied up and fed him very little, in an attempt to get him to implicate the Di Meras. Because of his strange behavior in the past few months, the Salem P. put a tail on Rafe, which lead them to the warehouse.

Air Cal (Air California) was the airlines that Orange County called its own.

It flew out of Orange County International Airport, before they renamed it to John Wayne Airport.

So, Sami kept the letters from Rafe and confided in E. When Rafe found out, he was upset and broke up with Sami. was behind the kidnapping and tried to get Anna to confess. Rafe agreed and when Nicole fell asleep, he searched her apartment for something to incriminate E. He made his way back to Salem and eventually came face-to-face with Sami and Arnold.

J.'s shooting and Arianna's hit-and-run (October 2010) Tried to install a virus onto Nicole's computer (November 2010) Kidnapping; Held Arnold Finegan (Imposter Rafe) captive in an adandoned building (May - June 2011) Assualt; punched Austin in the face and accused him of getting Rafe fired (October 2011) Cheated on Sami with Carrie (kissed) (2012) Custodial interference- Claimed that he was the father of Nicole's baby (E. was the real father) and conspired with Nicole and Daniel to hide the paternity of Nicole's baby (February 2012 - October 2012) FBI agent Rafael Hernandez first appeared in Salem in October 2008.