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Peter Rabbit went on to appear in five more books by the author, who died in 1943.The coins are the second set made by the Royal Mint in 2016 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Potter's birth.As if the company were not doing a roaring trade as it is (MBTs are available in over 20 countries and sell one million pairs each year), they have now re-invented themselves as the "anti-shoe", by bringing out a new range that, although unconventional, are designed to look less like something prescribed by your doctor and more like something you might wear out of choice.MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology and the shoes were invented by a Swiss engineer called Karl Müller in the early 1990s."Also, if you walk properly in MBTs you should be making shorter strides than if you were wearing normal shoes and the more strides you take, the more work you're doing." However, recently there has been speculation that MBTs may not be for everyone.

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The Beatrix Potter coins were made by the Royal Mint to mark the 150th birthday of the author and artist whose illustrated animal tales have delighted generations of children worldwide.

The Royal Mint has also produced a number of special edition Beatrix Potter coins which will not be released into general circulation.