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Although James Avery, the man, is no longer with us, and will be unable to personally touch her life as he did mine, his creativity, passion, talent, and spirit remain. Last month my granddaughter turned eleven, and I gave her her first James Avery bracelet, with one charm.It was dark and after a short search I gave up and vowed to come back the next morning. A few days later the home owner called me and said, I have your ring.it is smashed flat. The next time I was in Hill country I took it to the Kerrville store and asked if they could fix it. A few years later I lost it in Fredricksburgh on a trip to see my parents in Boerne.They said yes, of course, but we can also replace it. Even the Fredricksburgh police helped us to look for it.One afternoon, about a year later I was out feeding the chickens and something shiny caught my eye.I looked down and there in the dirt and grass was my ring. In the middle of all these losses, my mother had died from the trials and tribulations of Alzheimers Disease.God bless you James Avery and may you rest peacefully in the heavens above.My first knowledge of James Avery was back in the 1950’s as I had the honor of wearing a James Avery tribal silver bracelet at Waldemar.

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I wear something from James Avery every single day of my life.

The symbolism it represents for me and my family are a way I can keep in touch with my Faith and share it with others. Avery & his designs helped create heirlooms for my myself, my sister & Mother through his charm bracelets.

Some marking important milestones, others funny family stories, tributes to family pets, others honoring and celebrating religion or just being a proud Texan. I'd like to send my condolences to the Avery family.

Sadly, he died in the Vietnam War, but the bracelet now has over 50 charms, as I have added a charm every year in his memory. What an incredible legacy he leaves behind and I am blessed and fortunate to own many of his pieces that he created.

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I have book markers, crosses, and other bracelets, some simple in design, others elegantly adorned with gold and gemstones, but all beloved, all commemorating major chapters in my life. Avery’s appreciation of the natural world, his unique insight into faith, his love of God, and his belief in the righteousness of God and His Truth. Every charm, ring, and pendant will be even more special to me.

I had it for many years with no incidents but then my life began to fall apart, and when it did my ring went with it.

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