Who is benjamin maisani dating

07-Feb-2021 20:03

AC wears a blue baseball cap so he won't be noticed. Please take a pic of the roof and post it R46, otherwise how do we know you're not a troll?

Sorry but there have been too many fake sightings of AC and Ben posted on DL for me to take them all at face value.[quote]just remember they would be able to know who you are by the angle of your photo!

I was watching him do the towel dance in the gym locker room the other day. I never thought I'd live to see the day when AC officially comes out.

I didn't get to see any of the fleshy goods, but goddamn his bulge is big, beefy and bouncy. I don't think he would have done it unless he was feeling very secure in his relationship.

Not only does he have a big cock, but he also is the one that got Anderson to finally come out.

Congrats, Mr Maisani.[quote]After 3 years together, something must be working right between them That much is clear.

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The other AC thread has maxed out, so I guess we'll continue the conversation on this one.

Assuming AC and Ben read DL, which I seriously doubt.

Even if they did, what are they going to do about it?

R42, R43, R44, R46, R47, R48, R49 are all multiples.

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The same person talking and then answering themselves. She's just some benderfrau desperately trying to attach AC to Ben since there have been zero pics of them together.

At the same time, ACstalker-troll #1 will hit troll-dar to make a list of everything I've posted today. Funny, they either have the same shoes or share the same pair. I liked his build better when he was just a cute bareback years ago at Barracuda - tight lean build. Although I have never seen it in the flesh, I do enjoy the way it flops under his gray sweatpants shorts. I don't think I would find him interesting if he wasn't Anderson Cooper.

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