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Best Line: I know that I will never disappoint myself. Sometimes, we have to admit to ourselves that we made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person. Breakups are difficult, but some are lucky to have at least one more chance to say goodbye. [Read: How to fall out of love when you don’t see a future together] #9 Final Hour by Vivian Green.

Best Line: Falling out of love is hard, falling for betrayal is worse. Some relationships take a lot out of you, but you soon realize that you have the power to stop it. As much as you want to leave, there are some who will do whatever it takes to make you stay.

If you know that you deserve better, then it’s time to focus on the real star of the show – YOU. Best Line: Somebody better show me out, before I fall any deeper. Breaking up gets harder every time you think about the person you’re about to leave. Best Line: You were the one I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold on to.

For those who love music, it might be a way to ease the process and give them an insight that’s hard to deliver personally.

Of course, you’ll have to discuss things thoroughly like the adults that you are, but putting things in perspective using a song might make the transition easier.

Deciding to leave is one small step, but it’s definitely a big one. The best way to get over somebody is to do it immediately after a breakup.

This is exactly the message you should send someone who doesn’t deserve your attention.When your partner asks you why you sent them this particularly sad *or angry* song, whip out the “we need to talk” card.