Who is alexandra burke dating

03-Sep-2020 06:44

I know she is smiling and very happy for us both - because little did I know she knew about it.

😇 For those who guessed and have left such beautiful messages - thank you.

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Alexandra, 29, is thought to be mad at her dance partner for striking up a romance with Gemma, 32 and causing a distraction – although she previously denied that any relationship between the pair was happening.“And the kids are going to leave here with an experience that they probably would never of had, something they’re going to talk about for the rest of their lives.“The atmosphere here is absolutely buzzing, kids are just coming in and they’re skipping around, playing games with their friends.” The event was supported by Educator Solutions and Norfolk County Council.In the accompanying message, she told fans that her “soul mate” Joshua had proposed during a trip to Paris, and that it had been totally “unexpected”.

She said: “Being in love is one of the most magical feelings life has to offer.

Josh is someone who makes me so happy and I’ve never felt this kind of love before.