White dating black man

08-Jun-2020 16:32

With smooth white skin, long, flowing blondish-brown hair, long beard and blue eyes, this Nordic Christ consciously disguised any hint of Jesus’s Semitic, oriental origin—and departed from the older European depictions.

It both shaped and was shaped by emerging American ideas of whiteness.

But at those times when Whites did have control of an area, they seem to have been very through in destroying all vestiges of the former Black inhabitants; there is nothing left to suggest that Carthage was a Black city, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley civilizations are some of the oldest known, yet very little is left - next to nothing in the Indus valley.

Ancient Anatolia (Turkey), was home to many great and famous civilizations, but very little has been found there.

Even down to the very religious writings that they claim to worship by.

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D., Josephus discussed “the human form of Jesus and his wonderful works.” Unfortunately his texts have passed through Christian hands which altered them, removing offensive material.It is worth mentioning, that the Hebrews were just as literate, and just as artistic as the other Black civilizations around them.