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AS35012 PICTIME-AS PICTIME SASAS35013 ALFA-BANK-SK-AS Alfa Bank AS35015 PPH Premier Palace Hotel AS35016 TELEALL-AS Teleall Contact Center LTDAS35017 SWIFTWAY-AS Swiftway Sp. D., KRANJAS35024 AXIT-AS Axit VOFAS35025 TC-AS ZAO Teleconnect AS35026 GELICON-AS Gelicon-Apple Limited liability company AS35027 ASN-SEVENP SEVENP BVAS35028 MULTIPLAY Multiplay AS Number AS35030 COMFONE_GRX_AS Comfone Service Backbone AS35031 MBS-AS SC MBS SOLUTIONS SRLAS35032 TAHIONISP-AS LLC SIP "NIS"AS35033 FUJITSU-AS Fujitsu Services A/SAS35034 EXECURE-AS e Xecure AGAS35035 UTCP-AS Non-commercial partnership "United Telecommunications"AS35036 RD-AS "Mira 1" ASAS35037 SKYCO-AS Ltd AS35038 INESCPORTO INESC Porto AS35039 TECHNIDATA-AS Technidata AGAS35041 NET-CRYSTONE-STHLM Crystone ABAS35042 ISP4P ISP4P IT Services AS35043 NCLLC-AS Nextcomm LLCAS35044 UNI-INVEST-AS UNIVERSAL INVESTMENT GMBHAS35045 OPERATELECOM-AS Oxygen8 Communications UK Limited AS35046 OMEGAPLUS-AS OMEGA plus Chrudim s.r.o. AS35048 NETZONE-AS Professional Database SRLAS35049 QUALCOMM-AS QUALCOMM Enterprise Services Europe B. AS35050 RDM-AS Synergia SEAS35051 QWERTYNET-AS Qwerty Net Ltd. AS35147 TAHIONISP-AS-SLT Tahion ISP AS SLTAS35148 TVP-AS Tietoverkkopalvelut Oy AS35149 NSC-AS Network Solutions & Consulting SRLAS35150 VAK-AT-AS voestalpine Tubulars Gmb H & Co KGAS35151 HAVILOG-EU-AS HAVI Logistics IS Gmb HAS35152 NETWORK-AS Network Consulting AS35154 TELENET-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS35155 VERBASOFT-AS Verbasoft di Daniele Piselli AS35156 BLACKBOARD-AS Blackboard International B. AS35157 TELIO-AS Telio Holding ASAAS35158 DANSKNET Dansk Net A/SAS35159 MAINSTREAM-AS Mainstream Digital Ltd AS35160 IQ-CCLTD Communications and Media Commission (CMC)AS35161 OBORNET-AS OBORNET TELECOM SRLAS35162 INTERNET-AS Internet Ltd. Pihl & Son A/SAS35193 IFOM IFOM Fondazione AS35194 NA-BG-AS Netage Ltd AS35195 SIBENCO-AS OAO SUEKAS35197 VISP-LB-AS Virtual ISP S. AS36197 ELLIP-1-NET-1 - Ellipse Group Inc AS36198 AS-ONECO - One Connect Partnership AS36199 CREE-INC - Cree, Inc. - Cleveland, OHAS36210 SFCF - S F Convention Facilities AS36211 AMI-GLENDALE-AS - Applied Minds AS36212 PLAXOASN-1 - Plaxo Incorporated AS36213 DWASKG - Dream Works Animation SKG, Inc. AS36264 SPECIALIZED-US - Specialized Bicycle Components AS36265 MCL-INT-208-206-19-0 - Maverick Capital, LTD. AS36283 MULLEN-ADVERTISING - Mullen Advertising, Inc. AS36284 XIOLINK-STL-AS2 - XIOLINK, LLCAS36285 AS-SHDC1 - Scan Health, Inc. AS35019 BIX-AS Bahrain Internet Exchange AS35020 EMSOL-AS EMSol Group SRLAS35021 E-STOCK-AS "MB Technologies" LLCAS35022 GAZPROMBANK Gazprombank OJSCAS35023 GBKR-AS GORENJSKA BANKA D. AS36191 WVMI-WV - West Virginia Medical Institute AS36192 NEXA-TECHNOLOGIES-ASN - Nexa Technologies AS36193 WALLEYE-TRADING - Walleye Trading Advisors LLCAS36194 ONSITE-AS - On Site AS36195 QR1350 - Qwick Rate AS36196 COMCAST-TELECOMM-5 - Comcast Telecommunications, Inc. AS36217 IPN - Iron Path Networks AS36218 CIRRUSTECHLTD - Cirrus Tech. AS36252 SERVERAXIS - Server Axis Corporation AS36253 DCIUNET - Delaware County Intermediate Unit AS36254 NRS-SFO - Virtual Radiologic Corporation AS36255 RIMQ - RIMQAS36256 TAILWIND-MANAGEMENT - Tailwind Management LPAS36257 CHEGG-AS - Chegg, Inc. AS36259 AS-NALCO-NA - Nalco Company AS36260 ZAIS-GROUP - ZAIS Group LLCAS36261 CLEAR-155 - Clearbridge Advisors, LLCAS36262 PARLUX - PARLUX FRAGRANCES INCAS36263 FORONA - Forona Technologies, Inc. AS36279 MISERI-COLLEGE-1 - College Misericordia AS36280 INDATEL - INDATEL SERVICESAS36282 WEEKSLERMANGROUP-MASPETH - Weeks Lerman Group, LLC. AS35556 FIT-NET Financial Innovative Technology SASAS35557 GRITSENKO-AS PE GRITSENKO NADEJDA NIKOLAEVNAAS35558 IZHNET-AS Izhevsk Network Technologies Ltd AS35559 SOMEADDRESS Someaddress Networks Ltd AS35560 ORL-IL Oil Refineries Ltd AS35561 VIATOR-VEKTOR-AS Skupina Viator & Vektor, druzba za upravljanje podjetij, d.d. AS35563 GREENCOM-AS Ronhill Bulgaria LTDAS35564 LINKNV-AS Limited Liability Company LINKAS35565 TRUST-IT-SWE-AS Trust-IT Sweden ABAS35566 SATELCOM-AS SA-Telcom LLPAS35567 DASTO-BOSNIA-AS DASTO semtel d.o.o. AS35944 MEYER-SOUND - Meyer Sound AS35945 VONAGE-35945 - Vonage Holdings, Inc. AS35935 MARKETEXP-1 - Ecommerce Marketing Consultants, LLCAS35936 HSC-TW1-GWA2 - Hospital Services Corporation AS35937 MARQUISNET - Marquis Net AS35938 CMIC-5 - Computer Methods International Corp. AS35941 ASN1-GUARD032-SBC-LDMI - GUARDIAN GLASS COMPANYAS35942 AS-NCI-ASHBURN - Omnicare, Inc. AS36174 BAPTISTHEALTH - Baptist Health System AS36175 MYFAM-DC1 - Myfamily.com, Inc. AS36169 TOTAL-CALL-INTERNATIONAL - Total Call International AS36170 WESTMONT-SB - Westmont College AS36171 LCML-AS1 - Lam Cloud Mgmt, LLCAS36172 MHCC-AS001 - MOUNT HOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGEAS36173 KCI - Kinetic Concepts, Inc.

AS36186 EMBA-CORP - Embanet Corporation AS36187 K2NETWORK - K2 Network Inc. AS36221 ESOSOFT - Esosoft Corporation AS36222 WINDWAVE-COMMUNICATIONS - Wind Wave Communications AS36223 SPANISHFORK-COMMUNITY-NETWORK - Spanish Fork City AS36224 HCLTA94085 - HCL AMERICA INCAS36225 INFINITEIT-ASN-01 - Infinite IT Solutions Inc. AS36231 EZMAX - MSD Informatique AS36232 FZLZ - FROSS ZELNICK LEHRMAN & ZISSU, P. AS36240 VOXCOMMUNICATIONS-VOX-COMMUNICATIONS-CORP - Vo X Communications Corp.

AS35246 UNI-MUENSTER-AS AS number of WWU Muenster, ZIVAS35248 TEVI-AS F. FRAS35301 CCCMOS-AS OOO CCCMOS Group AS35302 LATVENERGO-AS-2 Latvenergo's 2nd ASN. Rene AS35307 BRYNET BRYNET VOICE&DATA SOLUTIONS SRLAS35308 LAMIS-AS Lamis Ukraine LTDAS35309 NERO-AG-AS Nero AGAS35310 PST-NET-AS Atlant Telecom ASAS35311 PR-TELECOM-AS AS for PR-TELECOMAS35313 BH2CONNECT-AS 2Connect AS Number AS35314 TSC-AS1 Telematic Service Communication srl AS35315 EXALEAD DASSAULT SYSTEMESAS35316 PRODACOM-AS Promo Internet B. AS35317 TEICH-AS Constantia Teich Gmb HAS35318 INTERCOM Inter COM Slawomir Lebek AS35319 TELECOMONE Telecom One Ltd. AS36055 MARKET-STRATEGIES-INTERNATIONAL - MARKET STRATEGIESAS36056 ALASK-15 - Alaska Native Medical Center AS36057 WEBAIR-AMS Recurring International Inc AS36058 OKONITE-AS - THE OKONITE COMPANYAS36059 MEDMANAGEMENT-LLC - Med Management, LLCAS36060 TELNA-MOBILE - telna Mobile AS36061 OSBORNMALEDONPA - Osborn Maledon P. AS36079 RESULTS - Results AS36080 TAGGED-ASN - Tagged Inc.

KGAS35243 SUPERDERIVATIVES Super Derivatives (Israel) Ltd AS35244 KMS-DE_AS AS for KMS Munich AS35245 MMDS MMDS Ukraine Ltd. "TEVI"AS35250 IN-AS IN BVBAAS35251 VG Consorzio Villa Gualino - S. Ru Hosting Provider at SPb AS35296 NSCKIPT-AS NSC KIPTAS35297 DATALINE-AS Dataline LLCAS35298 MF-MGSM-AS OJSC Mega Fon AS35299 ASC2K Classroom 2000AS35300 ADITU-AS ASN for ADITU. AS35329 MAINLAB-AMS Mainlab Gmb HAS35330 LEGOS-AS Local Exchange Global Operation Services AS35331 BILGIBIRIKIM BILGI BIRIKIM SISTEMLERI A. AS35362 BEST Company with additional responsibility "Company "BEST"AS35363 ADEC ASSOCIATION POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT DES ENTREPRISES ET DES COMPETENCES (ADEC)AS35365 VICATV Vica-TVAS35366 ISPPRO-AS ISPpro Internet KGAS35367 SONYDADC Sony DADC Austria AGAS35369 LAGIS-AS lagis Internet Serviceprovider Gmb HAS35370 AINET-AS Ainet Telekommunikations-Netzwerk Betriebs Gmb HAS35371 SOFTKIT-AS Softkit SRLAS35372 VOSSEN Vossen AG & Co KGAS35373 POST-LV-AS Latvia Post AS35374 RC-AS Ltd "Avia Tel"AS35376 TRE-FOR-BREDBAAND-AS TRE-FOR Bredbaand A/SAS35377 TRN-TELECOM-AS "A. AS36040 YOUTUBE YOUTUBEAS36041 ASN-SCAD-ATLANTA - Savannah College of Art and Design AS36042 NEXTWAVE-DR1 - Nextwave Telecom Inc. AS36050 FLOKY - Fifth Third Bank AS36051 PFG-DC - Promontory Financial Group, LLCAS36052 JTI0 - Juch-Tech Inc AS36053 RIPPLEWEB - Rippple Web AS36054 GLG-AS---GERSON-LEHRMAN-GROUP - Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. AS36073 THC-NET - Tammac Holdings Corporation AS36074 3330-TMMC - Torrance Memorial Medical Center AS36076 AMERICAN-INFRASTRUCTURE - American Infrastructure AS36077 DYNAMICHOSTINGBIZ - Dynamic ASP Inc.

AS35097 SCHEFER Schefer AG, Switzerland AS35098 MONITOR-AS Monitor Company AS35099 PORSCHE-SLOVENIA-AS Porsche Slovenija d.o.o. AS35106 MICROSOFT-LIVE-MEETING Microsoft Limited AS35107 WIMAX-AS 4G Solutions Gmb HAS35108 EXIGEN-LV AS Exigen Services Latvia AS35109 WEBMACHINE-TECH-AS Webmachine Technologies Austria Gmb HAS35110 REGIONE-BASILICATA-AS Regione Basilicata AS35112 COMNET-AS COMNET ITT Sp. AS35113 MORSE Daisy Data Centre Solutions Limited AS35114 GIUNTI-AS GIUNTI EDITORE Spa AS35115 BESTGOPL-AS BESTGO. AS35129 TETRATELEMATIK-AS LLC "Tetra-Telematik"AS35130 SFERANET-AS Sfera Networks s.r.l. AS35132 ENIVEST-AS Enivest ASAS35134 ALERT-AS Alert Communications Limited AS35135 LBANK-AS Bank of Lithuania AS35136 INOTEL-RO-AS Ino Tel Communications SRLAS35138 SMN-AS S. AS36298 INFOCISION - Info Cision Management Corporation AS36299 TUITION-MANAGEMENT-SYSTEMS - Tuition Management Systems, Inc. Charles AS36323 EZRI-36323 - Ezri Inc AS36324 VOSTROM-PUBLIC - VOSTROM Holdings, Inc.

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AS35100 PATRIKWEB-CORE Patrik Lagerman WEBAS35101 PROXY-AS Teicee SARLAS35102 RSBANK-AS Join Stock Company "Russian Standard Bank"AS35104 KTC-AS AS JSC "Kaz Trans Com"AS35105 RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - SOCIETA' PER AZIONI - RFI S. AS36300 PCSB-ASN - Pinellas County Schools AS36301 USJHSD-AS - Pagosa Mountain Hospital AS36302 AMSCOT-ASN - Amscot Corporation AS36303 NRCC - New River Community College AS36304 HPS-DTR-P-AS - Health Plan Systems Inc AS36305 AMTA-AS1 - The Albany Mutual Telephone Association AS36306 STANFORD-HOSPITAL - Stanford Hospital and Clinics AS36307 BUILDERSFIRSTSOURCE - BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE, INC. AS36325 NASDAQ-OMX-FTENNY2-AS36325 - THE NASDAQ OMX GROUP, INC.

AS35205 RFT-BRANDENBURG RFTkabel Brandenburg Gmb HAS35206 NOVATREND-AS Nova Trend Services Gmb HAS35207 STELLAR-PCS-AS Stellar PCS Gmb H, Germany AS35208 ASN-KYOCERAEU KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B. AS35209 RADIO-OPOLE-AS Polskie Radio Regionalna Rozglosnia w Opolu "RADIO OPOLE" S. AS36106 MANAGEDNODES - Managed Nodes LLCAS36107 FITCH-NETWORK-NY - FITCH INC. AS36112 PHSD-DATACENTER - Park Hill School District AS36113 GCT-AS-01 - Global Connect Telecommunication INCAS36114 VERSAWEB-ASN - Versaweb, LLCAS36115 AS-DCPA - Denver Center for the Performing Arts AS36116 KAYAK-US - Kayak Software AS36117 RAYMO-18 - Raymour & Flanigan Furniture AS36118 EXCLUSIVE-RESORTS - Exclusive Resorts, LLCAS36119 OSISOFTLLC - OSIsoft, LLCAS36120 FIRSTSPEED - First Communications LLCAS36121 WINDERMERE-CORPORATE-ASN-1 - Windermere Information Technology Systems AS36122 HORIZON-SCHOOL-DIVISION-67 - Horizon School Division 67AS36123 VINS-AS-4 - Via West AS36124 BIZVOX - Biz Vox Communications Inc AS36125 PTLP-CORE - People's Tel Limited Partnership AS36126 SPLASHMEDIAHQ - Splash Media AS36127 ONEWEBHOSTING - One Web Hosting, Inc. dba Transcend Broadband AS36129 YAHOO-MAVEN - Yahoo AS36130 HUDSON-RIVER-PARK-TRUST - Hudson River Park Trust AS36131 IMO - Page Bites, Inc. AS36150 SONICDRIVEIN - America's Drive-in Corp AS36151 META-ASN - Metabolex Inc AS36152 DAKTRONICS-CORP-ASN-63-85-214-0 - Daktronics AS36153 AVCTHSV - Avocent Huntsville Corporation AS36154 AS-KDOH - KINGS DAUGHTERS MEDICAL CENTERAS36155 BIRDSONG-PEANUTS - BIRDSONG PEANUTSAS36156 EOG-RESOURCES-HQ - EOG Resources, Inc.