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12-Jun-2020 09:27

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Vince Vaughn is arguably the most quotable actor in movie history (with Val Kilmer coming in a close second).In only ten years and fifteen movies (I discount his dramatic movies because, like Rocky 5, they were all a dream and never really happened; especially Domestic Disturbance), he has established himself as the go to star for kick-ass cultural-swinging dialogue.No matter if he’s playing a scoundrel (which he was in Wedding Crashers) or a lovable loser (Dodgeball) or even an assassin (Mr. It’s almost as if he’s created a new language, one defined by witty quips and cutting rejoinders.Think about this for a second, if you had to create a new language, one that would be accepted across the globe and universally recognized, what would it be? Everyone loves them, there isn’t a person alive that hasn’t adopted a movie line into their own speech (Mine is “You’re killing me Smalls”, and if you don’t know where that’s from than I suggest you press the little red “X” at the top of the window, because you don’t belong here.), and if everyone started talking in movie quotes, the world would be a funnier, more dramatic and more romantic place to live.Paul and Vaughn have often been spotted around the barbeque together.

Most people think his quotes are primarily about scoring chicks, and that’s almost fair. We’re going to be spending the night in New York, so it worked out well for all of us.

He has reached the point in his career where his every line of dialogue is a laugh waiting to happen.

Vaughn has garnered such tremendous audience goodwill that as soon as he opens his mouth we are waiting to love what he has to say. When Vince Vaughn speaks, we listen, and we love every word.

But how did he get from there to his notorious GQ interview, in which he claimed that teachers should be allowed access to guns in schools?

Vaughn's Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson said that he'd attended a conference for young members of the party at The Four Seasons hotel in Washington DC while the pair was filming Wedding Crashers. “Vince actually is a Republican and they didn’t believe him,” Wilson claimed during a press tour for the film in 2005.He’s the only actor alive whose quotes can be used for all spectrums of speech, and are widely recognized as some of the funniest, smartest and coolest in movie history. They die.” Vince Vaughn On: Getting Older (Be Cool) “Nice ass won’t get you through your whole life.