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She then stated she would go and get the correct pasta and I stated no because now the trust has been broken.

In this chain events I would like to ask OLIVE GARDEN what are they going to do to fix this after I spent 1.83?

I walked through the front doors and a man was cleaning the floors. He said no, that this was the morning trash, all the night trash was taken out last night. I asked him to send the manager out twice & he finally came out.

I pointed to the clear bag that you could visibly see salad with dressing & asked…. He went through a few bags & then realized that the trash had been picked up that morning, because it was low in the dumpsters.

In July of 2014, the company launched a new logo and restaurant design, including the addition of online ordering, as well as smaller lunch portions.

Today Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine.

He then went to yell at another waiter in front of me who was not even MY WAITER I then proceeded to stop him and explain to him it was not that gentleman but it was the waiter Calvin who messed up my order.

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Calvin assured that this was the correct pasta and the noodles were different now but it is Gluten free.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Olive Garden? This was a second chance we gave the Olive Garden, as the prior year we were missing the lemonade in a large To Go order.