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The address mapping example uses Google Maps, and the coordinate mapping example uses Bing Maps.

Note the following elements in the code: Web Pages 2 adds the ability to run applications side by side.

However, instead of using code to enable logins from other sites, a recommended way to get started with the new providers is to use the new Starter Site template that is included with Web Matrix 2 Beta.

The Starter Site template includes a full membership infrastructure, complete with a login page, a membership database, and all the code you need to let users log into your site using either local credentials or those from another site.

They can then associate the Facebook login with their account on your site.

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In the Templates dialog box, choose the Personal Site template. To do this, call Here is the page when a user submits valid input: Here is the page when a user submits it with a required field left empty: Here is the page when a user submits it with something other than an integer in the Credits field: For more information, see the following blog posts: The assets manager is a new feature that you can use in server code to register and render client scripts.

(This is illustrated in several of the code samples in the Web Pages 1 tutorial titled Working with Data.) You can still use this approach in Web Pages 2. Require Field("text1", "The text1 field is required"); Validation. The assets manager also renders tags in the right place so that the page can load quickly (without downloading scripts while rendering) and to avoid errors that can occur if scripts are called before rendering is complete.

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