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13-Oct-2020 10:31

Fon will notify you of any updates to the Fon Software whenever there is a new available version. If you do not have a router compatible with the Fon Software you may purchase a Fon Router through the Fon Website.Installation and Activation of the Fon Software and Fon Spot Once you have registered with the Fon Network as a Fon Member and accepted the Agreement, you may download, install, and use Fon Software.

You have the obligation to immediately inform Fon as to any knowledge that you have regarding the improper use of the identifiers and/or passwords, including theft, loss, or unauthorised access, so as to immediately cancel the password/identifier.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the present TOU together with the registration form, Fon’s Privacy Policy and, where applicable, Fon Software License Agreement and the Fon Application Software License Agreement, herein after “Agreement” shall constitute the contractual relationship between Fon and the Fon Member and between Fon and the Fon Visitor, where applicable.