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20-Nov-2020 06:19

There are, however some scenarios which will require some additional configuration, such as advanced authentication scenarios and working with scheduled jobs. The Mobile Services client SDKs are not compatible with the new Mobile Apps server SDK.In order to provide continuity of service for your app, you should not publish changes to a site currently serving published clients.I’ve categorised them into 5 broad categories, each with an underlying problem and solution as follows: THE PROBLEM: Native Java Script is compiled into machine code by most scripting engines offering incredible performance boost, however interaction with host (browser) objects outside the javascript native environment raises unpredictability and considerable performance lag, particularly when dealing with screen-rendered DOM objects or objects which cause Disk I/O (such as Web SQL).THE SOLUTION: You can’t really get away from them, but keep your interaction with host objects to an absolute minimum. NET backend application from Azure Mobile Services to a new App Service Mobile Apps.

Most of the Code First tutorials listed above cover migrations. Both of these books are up-to-date with current recommended techniques.

There are two options for moving from Mobile Services to App Service: migration or upgrade.