Updating old bookcase

17-Aug-2020 19:24

Some deglossers require that you prime the deglossed surface quickly, like within 30 minutes.Others give you more time between steps, so make sure to check the label.Then we went ahead and painted two coats of our latex based paint, Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint-and-Primer in One.We liked the combination of using both a separate primer and a latex paint that also contains primer in this case, to help ensure the bond between the two different kinds of paint. Subscribe with your email address in the box above to get our posts delivered directly to your inbox. And we promise we won’t share your email address with anyone or spam you.When we bought our house, the seller told us that all the trim in the house and the bathroom walls were painted with oil based paint, and warned us not to paint over this with latex based paint (we didn’t know why, but more on that in a minute).A lot of work, but it’s worth it if our careful prep and painting holds up for a long time.Our long-term plans to repaint our trim/molding and also redo our bathroom (all of which is still painted with the old oil-based paint) will also have to include these extra steps to ensure a good final result.

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You don’t have to totally remove the old paint layer, just rough up the surface to prepare it for bonding well.