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Also, because it sometimes relies on static nodes to act as gateways, it is not a truly all-wireless ad hoc network.The mesh clients are often laptops, cell phones and other wireless devices while the mesh routers forward traffic to and from the gateways which may, but need not, be connected to the Internet.With more radio bands, communication throughput is likely to increase as a result of more available communication channels.This is similar to providing dual or multiple radio paths to transmit and receive data.

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It's built of peer radio devices that don't have to be cabled to a wired port like traditional WLAN access points (AP) do.Mesh networks may involve either fixed or mobile devices.The solutions are as diverse as communication needs, for example in difficult environments such as emergency situations, tunnels, oil rigs, battlefield surveillance, high-speed mobile-video applications on board public transport, real-time racing-car telemetry, or self-organizing Internet access for communities.The coverage area of the radio nodes working as a single network is sometimes called a mesh cloud.

Access to this mesh cloud is dependent on the radio nodes working in harmony with each other to create a radio network. When one node can no longer operate, the rest of the nodes can still communicate with each other, directly or through one or more intermediate nodes.Each device then determines what to do with the data it receives – either pass it on to the next device or keep it, depending on the protocol.