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M Notes: Review of Phase Three project status Access: Local. M Notes: update diagnostic tools for child synth project Access: Remote. Facilities has nothing; they simply refer me to the Director. If he worries that having me build a synth that's supposed to approximate him as a child might give me some unintended insights into his character? Samples have been collected; with work from a dedicated research team said weapons could be improved upon dramatically. M Notes: Something to consider, after Phase Three is complete Dr. It's creepy, and I can't help but wonder if she's getting a little too attached. I don't know how to get through to that man at all. The degree to which people appear to ignore the rules which have been put in place to keep us all safe is incredibly disappointing. I mean, sure, they have the capacity to experience taste. Good thing it's physically impossible for a Gen 3 to actually gain weight and succumb to obesity. Humanity's most impressive technological achievement - laid low by junk food. - A total of 16 incidents of heightened aggression have been documented. Zimmer directly, as he had ordered the tests personally. Have entered formal complaint with Directorate; these tests are not bringing in any valuable information. Until then, I ask that you please keep the need for conservation foremost in your thoughts.

M Notes: Review of all Bio Science projects The official explanation for the "accident" in the FEV lab remains unsatisfactory. I wonder if he ever considers the ramifications of what he's asked me to do? Imagine if it were possible to use the Relay to shrink someone down to the size of an insect... Proposal: Pre-war plasma weapons exist, albeit in a somewhat primitive state. Training for said firearms also needs to be updated. Given recent events it is extremely important that the Institute be prepared for any conceivable situation, no matter how unlikely. Ayo has requested this for some time, and I am now inclined to agree with him I have, in the last 24 hours, observed no less than seven blatant violations of Institute protocol. Hell, I've even gone so far as to simply ASK several of them, and still, I'm no closer to answering the question: Why do Gen 3 synths like to eat Fancy Lads Snack Cakes? Stage 6: When sufficient data has been collected, retrieve synth unit and specimens for lab study. BATCH p761: READY FOR SHIPMENT BATCH p664: DELIVERY COMPLETE REPORT WW/877.1004 RECEIVED BATCH p609: DELIVERY COMPLETE BATCH p609: INITIATE DELIVERY BATCH p609: READY FOR SHIPMENT REPORT WW/877.0905 RECEIVED BATCH p557: DELIVERY COMPLETE REPORT WW/877.1004 RECEIVED BATCH p557: DELIVERY COMPLETE BATCH p557: INITIATE DELIVERY BATCH p557: READY FOR SHIPMENT REPORT WW/877.0715 RECEIVED BATCH p534: BATCH DESTROYED IN TRANSIT BATCH p534: INITIATE DELIVERY BATCH p534: READY FOR SHIPMENT Director Holdren, Here are the details you requested re: the gorilla behavioral anomalies. I have some ideas that will be discussed in the next Director's meeting.

L Historical Text: The History of the Commonwealth Synth Zoological Initiative Phase 2 Development Journal Initial thoughts... We've engineered creatures that inhabit the sky and the land - the next logical step is a creature of the sea. Accurate measurements, behavioral data, life cycle, habitat, etc. Note to self: request that we allocate a scavenger team to that area. Have to pitch this as the first step in a broader plan: What else can go in the aquatic habitat? It is hoped that we gain insight into the effects of trace radiation on the growth and developments of said specimens. D Notes: Review of hydroponics output Incident 2128 Patient: Loken M. We will exercise caution, but we must also extend a warm welcome.

Many logistical challenges to implement, Facilities division likely to oppose this. Could we develop underwater synth models to carry out seabed salvage operations? Will table this journal for the time being, focus on other priorities until I can come up with more reasons that we'll benefit from the aquatic habitat. The Warwick Homestead Initiative was conceived to facilitate field testing of various genetically-modified specimens in the unique climate of the Commonwealth. E Operation: Replaced primary display assembly (tube burned out) Access: Local. We cannot know for certain what our visitor's motivations will be, especially after coming into contact with the Railroad.

Lately, however, we've been getting lax in our habits. But really, the scientists here could not care less about enhanced reflexes or greater combat efficiency. Bio Science: - Hydroponics Programs functional - FEV Lab OFFLINE Robotics: - Synth output nominal - Production materials fully stocked Advanced Systems: - Child synth project under quarterly review - Weapons Diagnostics ongoing - Phase Three behind schedule SRB: - Director Zimmer still offline - Aboveground operative terminated - Retention programs functional - Pattern recognition algorithms ineffective Facilities: - Power output maxed - Air/water recycling systems functioning normally The wait continues. Remember that your cooperation is vital to bringing this investigation to a swift and successful conclusion. - Father As production of our gen-3 synths continues apace, I would like to take this opportunity to formalize our categorization. E "Looks like latest navigation software update has some issues. Unit has evaded capture twice and wounded Coursers on both occasions.

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It was a daunting challenge, but we rose to meet it. He is an augmented human being, a cyborg really, and the benefits he has received cannot be denied. And I take no small pleasure in knowing that must irritate him to no end. It is simply impossible to gather the information necessary to carry out this investigation without an element of distraction and inconvenience. UNIT ID: L3-37 Status: Unit at large, investigation underway Assigned Courser: X9-73 Location: (Last sighting) Corvega Notes: Unit has been mem-wiped, new identity is "Leo." Exercise extreme caution - unit has been trained by Railroad and is proficient with several weapons. Pre-war work on the subject yielded no concrete results; advances in technology could potentially make it possible. M Notes: Evidence suggests this is, and always will be, a pipe dream Proposal: Modification to Relay assembly allowing for extra parameters when re-materializing, specifically to explore recalibrating object size and density. E Notes: Let's keep things out of the realm of science fiction, please. That, and hope she doesn't give the Brotherhood enough of an edge to destroy us all. SRB recommendations to increase security have over-ridden any normal procedures for allowing Institute scientists to carry firearms. ** Security systems need to be reviewed by Facilities Division ASAP. Stage 5: Collect observational data from embedded unit. I know that what I'm asking is difficult, but I'm also completely confident that we will rise to the challenge. R Notes: submitting research projects for approval Access: Local. R Notes: update diagnostic tools for child synth project Access: Remote. Approval: Rejected - Director Notes: None given Proposal: Divert time/materials from current Phase Three research to exploring the possibility of sustainable nuclear reactions through electrochemical processes at or near room temperatures. I guess all we can do is move on, and be grateful for the work she did while she was here. E Notes: Reviewing research proposals Access: Local. E Notes: Rejecting research proposals Access: Remote. M Notes: Reviewing synth progress updates Access: Local. E Notes: Updating findings on child synth development Access: Local. E Notes: Submitting regulation updates to Directorate Submitted to Directorate for Approval ** Review permissions for assigning sidearms to personnel. A Operation: Music Player "Trois Nocturnes" Access: Local. Stage 4: Begin covert deliveries of prototype seed batches for planting. We must continue to find ways to conserve without adversely impacting our research and production.- It seems clear there's a fault in the behavioral model. I know you're against it, but I think we have to consider destroying them. I know I can count on all of you to extend a hand of friendship and greet our visitor with the utmost hospitality. Subject Status: TAGGED, DISCARDED Baseline: Male, mid-30s. Post-submersion results: Inconclusive Subject Status: TERMINATED Note: Subject unintentionally terminated during Incident V. I must ask that you take whatever measures are necessary to meet the project targets within the time frame. - Father It has been brought to my attention that some of you are displeased with the methods and practices employed by the SRB division in its ongoing investigation into the missing third-generation synths. Firstly, know that I am aware of your concerns and that I intend to have a conversation with Director Ayo in order to ensure that he is also aware. Suspect brain damage resulting from mem-wipe process.

- Failing that, I recommend that all contact with the gorillas be limited to synth units only. Let's embrace this exciting event and make the best first impression we possibly can. C Category Update: Department Notices Access: Local. I Accessed Departmental Notices July 16, 2285 Kellogg's occasional presence continues to unnerve the others. But as I've continued to witness their reactions, gauge their sidelong glances, I've detected something else, something I probably should have anticipated - jealousy. Any disruption to your work must be taken seriously, especially at this critical time. " [Identified rare looping issue in speech subroutines, corrected and patched] Group Ident: G3376 Assigned Units: P1-77, J8-32, F5-93, N5-48, K6-70 Location: Site Epsilon Elapsed Time: Last Report: NOTES: ALERT: Raider attack, 1 unit abducted. UNIT ID: K8-23 Status: Destroyed Assigned Courser: X3-51 Location: Remains located NE of Saugus Ironworks Notes: Unit's remains discovered near Saugus Ironworks and returned to Robotics division.You can create an sd image of your current sd card with win32diskimager (if you're on windows) Note: images created this way can only be written to a micro SD card of the EXACT same size or bigger.