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15-Dec-2020 01:39

The default installation of SQL Server 2008 disables FILESTREAM feature.It is quite easy to enable the FILESTREAM feature as part of a new SQL Server 2008 installation.A VARBINARY (MAX) column with FILESTREAM attribute is not restricted to the 2 GB limit SQL Server imposes on Large Value Types.The size of the file is limited by the size of the disk volume only.Moreover management (backup, restore, security etc) of the data will be a pain too.

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The term ‘FILESTREAM data type’ or ‘FILESTREAM column’ is very commonly used and it gives an indication that the FILESTREAM feature is implemented as a data type. FILESTREAM is not a data type; instead, it is an attribute that can be assigned to a VARBINARY (MAX) column.

FILESTREAM feature may be enabled with three different levels of access to the FILESTREAM data, namely: If you are installing SQL Server 2008 in ‘Unattended mode’, you can use /FILESTREAMLEVEL and /FILESTREAMSHARENAME configuration options to configure FILESTREAM features.

For more information about installing SQL Server 2008 in ‘Unattended mode’, see How to: Install SQL Server 2008 from the Command Prompt Enabling FILESTREAM feature on a SQL Server 2008 Instance, installed without FILESTREAM features, would require a little more work.

FILESTREAM uses NT System Cache for caching file data.

This minimizes the effect that FILESTREAM data might have on the Database Engine performance.

One approach suggests storing the data in a VARBINARY or IMAGE column.

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