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DSLog Fatal Log an information message in a job's log file.

s parameters DSGet Param Info Get the log event from the job log DSGet Log Entry Get a number of log events on the specified subject from the job log DSGet Log Summary Get the newest log event, of a specified type, from the job log DSGet Newest Log Id Log an event to the job log of a different job DSLog Event Stop a controlled job DSStop Job Return a job handle previously obtained from DSAttach Job DSDetach Job Log a fatal error message in a job's log file and aborts the job.

Primary Key is a combination of unique and not null. DSWait For File Checks if a BASIC routine is cataloged, either in VOC as a callable item, or in the catalog space. (Oconv) ________________________________________ DATASTAGE FAQ from GEEK INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ________________________________________ Question: Dimension Modeling types along with their significance Answer: Data Modelling is broadly classified into 2 types. Most importance of using it is, it is independent of underlying database, i.e.

DSTranslate Code Suspend a job until a named file either exists or does not exist. Question: Dimensional modelling is again sub divided into 2 types. Answer: Surrogate Key is a Primary Key for a Dimension table.

Q 21 What are Ascential Dastastage Products, Connectivity Ans: Ascential Products Ascential Data Stage Ascential Data Stage EE (3) Ascential Data Stage EE MVS Ascential Data Stage TX Ascential Quality Stage Ascential Meta Stage Ascential RTI (2) Ascential Profile Stage Ascential Audit Stage Ascential Commerce Manager Industry Solutions Connectivity Files RDBMS Real-time PACKs EDI Other Q 22 Explain Data Stage Architecture? DSMake Job Report Insert arguments into the message template.

DSLog Warn Generate a string describing the complete status of a valid attached job. Explain Star-Schema and Snowflake Schema with difference.

A) Fact table - Table with Collection of Foreign Keys corresponding to the Primary Keys in Dimensional table. Based on the primary key values in dimensional table, the data should be loaded into Fact table. Answer: Primary Key is a combination of unique and not null.

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b) Dynamic - sub divided into 2 types i) Generic ii) Specific. What is Modulus and Splitting in Dynamic Hashed File? In a Hashed File, the size of the file keeps changing randomly. Datastage used Orchestrate with Datastage XE (Beta version of 6.0) to incorporate the parallel processing capabilities. A) Surrogate Key is a Primary Key for a Dimension table. A) We use a) "Iconv" function - Internal Conversion. Function to convert mm/dd/yyyy format to yyyy-dd-mm is Oconv(Iconv(Filedname,"D/MDY[2,2,4]"),"D-MDY[2,2,4]") 13 How do you execute datastage job from command line prompt? Link Partitioner: It actually splits data into various partitions or data flows using various partition methods. A) Dimensional modeling is again sub divided into 2 types. A) Data in a Database is a) Detailed or Transactional b) Both Readable and Writable. Routines are stored in the Routines branch of the Data Stage Repository, where you can create, view or edit. Answer: Data in a Database is A) Detailed or Transactional B) Both Readable and Writable. Question: What is the flow of loading data into fact & dimensional tables? Load - Data should be first loaded into dimensional table.

a) Static - Sub divided into 17 types based on Primary Key Pattern. A) Orchestrate itself is an ETL tool with extensive parallel processing capabilities and running on UNIX platform. Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector? b) Snowflake Schema - Complex with more Granularity. While using Hash partition we specify the Partition Key. Differentiate Database data and Data warehouse data? DSExecute Set a status message for a job to return as a termination message when it finishes DSSet User Status Q 42 What is Routines? Q 47 What are different activities in job sequencer? (conditional, unconditional, otherwise) Q 49 Are u generated job Reports? Question: Differentiate Database data and Data warehouse data?