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12-Jul-2020 08:17

When you update a software or hardware component, it is usually for performance and security concerns.For the BIOS, updates are usually for performance so that the computer can maintain compatibility with new technology.I'm wondering if this is just a compatibility issue related to the update not being finished (like the time I went from Windows 7 to 8 and had screen resolution issues for a day or so which solved themselves when all the necessary updates finished).

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Click the "Search" button in the box, then wait for a list of updates to show up. Click the plus sign next to "BIOS," which will expand that category to show specific updates.

As Matt helpfully pointed out, other users are experiencing the same problem with this laptop.

I checked the Asus support page for this computer, but there are no drivers listed beyond Windows 8.

Immediately following the update, certain keys on the keypad stopped working.

Not stopped working outright, which is why I don't think this is a hardware issue, but there is something wrong on the right half of the keypad, specifically the keys that are mapped with the number pad on them.

(I'll have to increase it in time for the download.) (d) Elsewhere, Andre da Costa advises that any antivirus program should be uninstalled completely.