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If you’re lucky enough to be invited into a family’s ger, chances are you’ll be offered a glass of arkhi.It’s consumed cold and (if you’re smart) in one go.The roof of Choijin Lama temple, which the Communist regime transformed into a museum denouncing the "old ways," can be seen alongside the 25-story Blue Sky Tower in Ulaanbaatar, which was completed in 2010.Half of Mongolia’s population lives in or near the booming capital, where you’ll find a glitzy mall on Sukhbaatar Square and that undisputable sign of new wealth, a Louis Vuitton outlet.A woman prepares milk, which will be distilled to produce the potent spirit called arkhi.This sour and potent brew, with a 10 percent ABV, has been made since the 14th century from either fermented horse or yak’s milk.Here the Khangai mountain range rises from gentle slopes and pastureland.Its highest peak, Otgontenger, tops out at 13,200 feet.

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Animals in Mongolia's Great Gobi National Park include some of the few remaining two-humped Bactrian camels in the wild, the last surviving Gobi bears (at last count there are only 50), and Snow Leopards (a quarter of the world's population are found in Mongolia).There’s no weight division, so expect a lightweight wrestler trying his luck against a burly opponent.There’s also no time limit, so two well matched wrestlers can grapple for hours, giving you time to nip off for a , which is also performed in honor of the defeated opponent.Visit early, around 9 a.m., to witness the morning ceremony.

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Inside the main temple is an 80-foot-high statue of Magjid Janraisig (the lord who looks in every direction), which is strewn with precious stones.Wrestling, archery, and horse racing are the “three manly sports” celebrated during the summer’s Naadam Festival, a national holiday which runs for three days each July.