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04-Jan-2021 20:54

BSP’s debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power, swings boldly from 30-second choral swoons to the 14-minute epic Lately.

Since then, they’ve released a series of wildly imaginative albums, including sweeping film instrumentals, neat electronic pop, epic brass band collaborations, and celebratory odes to Eastern European migration.

They’ve played at London’s Czech Embassy and beneath the big astronomical dish at Jodrell Bank.

They’ve played on ships at sea, deep inside Cornish slate mines and set up their own micro-festival at the Tan Hill Inn, the most elevated pub in Britain.

Their first EP, DIY was released in April 2016 with a handmade zine and enjoyed immediate attention from Dazed and Confused.The new album is due to hit the shelves in May, shows a maturity in sound and will be available at the merch table all weekend. He has done lots of other things since albums about Astronauts, Witches, Dogs, Trains. DREAM NAILS Dream Nails is an all-female DIY punk/riot grrrl band from London founded in 2015.