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Only 100 people (although several thousand claimed to have been there) witnessed Johnny Rotten spitting and snarling his way through a set packed with raw energy and hatred.

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Today our destination is the 300-year-old North Cornish cottage that houses Martian Engineering, the studio purpose-built in a renovated barn where work has just been completed on her fourth album, From The Choirgirl Hotel ("My fifth album actually," she points out, mindful to include the debut effort of her failed Los Angeleno rock band, Y Kant Tori Read).

Just after four o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon and the concourse of Paddington station is already infested.

Ranks of commuters stare up at the flickering announcement boards and then scurry away the very second their platform number is called.

Here are five amazing performances that we feel rank amongst the greatest of all time.

In what has been described as one of the most influential gigs of all time, the Sex Pistols transformed the face of the music industry.Sandie Shaw – Your Time Is Gonna Come How fitting that our list should not only begin with the world’s first ever release of a Led Zeppelin cover, but also come from someone so unlikely.