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Hungry male relatives file through the door: first an uncle, then a younger cousin, and finally Rada’s father, Wang Ji Zengheng, on break from his job as a boatman guiding tourists on the nearby lake. The Mosuo practice a custom called zouhun, or “walking marriage,” in which most men live separately from their wives and children and do not play a significant role in the children’s upbringing, though they do financially support their families.

Apart from brief “walking” visits to the women’s home—for sex at night or meals during the day—men largely keep to themselves.

History is passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, leaving stories open to variation.

The couple can break the union at any time, without stigma.

Zengheng, 52, is quiet and shows no outward affection toward Rada’s mother, which is standard practice.

As soon as the men leave the room, the casual chatter picks up again among the women. “Men speak a different language from us,” she whispers.

Sons, including Rada’s 33-year-old brother, live at home until they are in their 30s, when they opt to live alone or leave to find work.

Walking marriages are monogamous, and most women only accept visits from their child’s father, but affairs are not unusual, so long as they are discreet.

(Male offspring were either killed or given back to their fathers; daughters were reared by women and taught to be warriors and hunt freely.) Many historians dispute the truth and origins of this myth, yet evidence points to a matriarchal “prehistory” dating back to the ancient Greeks and before, wherein societies worshipped goddesses, and women were revered for their life-giving powers.

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