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24-Mar-2020 15:39

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During the April 11 episode of the podcast, Kathryn revealed, "Actually, surprisingly, he and I have formed a pretty good friendship at this point.

He calls me for advice."And yes, that advice does include relationship advice.

There's no word on whether Kathryn and Ashley have been able to resolve their differences, but Kathryn and Thomas seem to be on good terms these days.

Kathryn is even somewhat supportive of Thomas and Ashley's relationship.

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In that first scene alone, Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn, "You're a baby mama" and "You're nothing but an egg donor." Kathryn dropped a few "F" bombs and told Ashley that she is "an entitled gold digger." Kathryn declared, "This is my f*cking town, b*tch. I'm not going anywhere." Kathryn even said, "We'll never be cool.

After ordering couple glasses of wine each day, could go to rich dating conference or workshop under this label are single place or from the high school.