The mythology of modern dating methods

09-Feb-2021 22:48

For many Bible believers—young and old alike—one of the most puzzling and problematic topics in the Bible/science arena is the claim by evolutionary scientists that they have “proved” the Earth to be 4.6 billion years old.

This book is the product of 3 years research, and is supported by nearly 500 references from the geologic literature, almost all of which date from 1980-1999, and most of which are from the 1990's.

* Provides recent examples of false isochrons (in Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Re-Os, etc.) , including highly collinear ones. True or False: All of the geochronometric dating methods converge on a 4.5 Ga (billion-year) age for our planet?

Refutes the claim that non-co linearity on an inverse diagram validates the isochron-based date. Apropos to the previous question, would we actually need some sort of massive conspiracy in place to force agreement on “correct” radioisotope dates?

For the longest time, we have all been taught that the great age of the earth and its rocks is an established fact.

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However, close examination of the isotopic dating methods instead shows a colossal manipulation of data covered by an elaborate Orwellian cover language.The fact of the matter is, if most people knew the real truth about how these dating methods actually work, the faulty assumptions upon which they are based, and the numerous inconsistencies they produce, they would be insulted at the evolutionists’ brazen suggestion that they, and their dates, should be taken seriously.

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