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Spegel contributed to Swedberg’s new hymnbook of 1695, which became the poetry book of the Swedish people and was of lasting influence.

Even the lyric poet Lucidor (pseudonym of Lars Johansson) was represented in it.

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These ballads, though mostly derived from foreign sources and combining the imported ideals of courtly love with native pagan themes and historical events, form the most accessible genre of what can be called Swedish medieval literature.

(“Law of West Gotland”), part of a legal code compiled in the 1220s.

These legal documents often employ concrete images, alliteration, and a solemn prose rhythm suited to their proclamatory nature.

The period’s outstanding work was the allegorical epic (first published 1818; “Recollections of Wedding Troubles”), a masterpiece of humour and realism describing the drunken debauchery of a wedding feast and the joys and sorrows of matrimony.

Stiernhielm’s followers included the two brothers Jesper Swedberg, the latter the father of the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.In his history of all the kings of the Goths and Swedes, Johannes Magnus provided Sweden with a number of valiant kings unknown to critical historians.