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19-Sep-2020 17:19

For his birthday she invited me and some of my whiskey drinking buddies over for another BBQ.

Her husband was surprised to see 5 guys he didn’t know at a BBQ where he was made to cook and serve us drinks.

It was a little further than we thought and after getting a bit lost on the road and searching through the hotel for the room number we eventually found our prize. I fucked Suzy real good and pounded her in the bed with my cock. I made sure I pumped my potent seed deep inside her pussy, hopefully it will stay up there for some time hehe.. Sensi - The Undercover Lover Connect with Sensi on Hotwife Hub Check out the full clip here Here’s an update from the Bull that likes to sleep with your wives and girlfriends The Undercover Lover Russian Bride cheats on her Husband in London I had a great night out clubbing last weekend.

God knows how she cleaned up herself and the room before hubby returned home. I had been watching this hot blonde all evening, watching her dance and flirt with the guys.

His wife walked around like a total whore in short shorts and heels bending over in front of us while we sat around watching the ball game.

She wore a tiny tank top without a bra and her dark little areolas glistened through the white cotton as her hard nipples, the size of thick bullets, pierced the shirt.

I went into the bathroom and managed to persuade her to come fuck me again for all you guys. Hope you enjoy this lovely Russian wife as much as I did.We both saw her chilling out reading magazines in the sun room so we went over to knock on the window when she started freaking out. We ended up hiding in the bushes until he was out of the way lol Once he was gone we got back to business, she wanted me bad and begged me to cum inside her sweet pussy. Watch this full video here Here’s a set from Bull Rico Shades hooking up with wifey Raven Black. I’d been seeing this girl Suzy, a bored housewife from Manchester a few times in London when she’d been down with her husband on business.Well she called me Sunday last week and told me to get up to this posh golfing resort.I watched my big cock get smothered between her thick ass cheeks as if it were a gigantic bratwurst smothered a hogie roll. After everyone had run a train on her ass I took turns pumping her pussy then her ass.

Just as I was about to blow, I pulled out of her pussy and jammed my cock up her ass.She told me that when she asked him if liked the idea of watching her get gang fucked he got super stiff and jizzed without being touched.

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