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13-Sep-2020 05:58

You can use it while inserting, updating or deleting records.For this example let’s create a stored procedure to update a student’s name based on it’s Student ID.In many applications, this means reading data from a database into a dataset, and then writing changed data from the dataset back to the database.However, a data adapter can move data between any source and a dataset.Hi steve, In this scenario the edit operation depends on the bound object that in your case is Data Table/Data Set.Data Row/Data Row View objects implement IEditable Object and when some data in Rad Grid View is changed, the internal Currency Manager calls End Edit of current item after the current position is changed to another row.Create a simple Console Application project and open the file.

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If you do so, the first SELECT result set will fill the first Data Set’s table, the Second SELECT statement the second table and so on..

Students (Student ID, Student Name, Student Age) VALUES (4,'Maria',40) function is the best option to figure out the result of your executed query in the database. What I meant is that you use the Execute Scalar command when you don’t care to read or retrieve a result set from your dabase but you expect a code description of what actually happened. Create another stored procedure named CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Add Student] @student ID int, @student Name nvarchar(50), @student Age int AS BEGIN DECLARE @result int = 0; DECLARE @temp ID int; SET @temp ID = (SELECT Student ID FROM dbo.

Students WHERE Student ID = @student ID) IF @temp ID IS NOT NULL SET @result = -1 -- There is already a student with this ID ELSE IF @student Age // Execute Scalar int result Code = Add Student(1, "Chris", 28); // Should get -1 (already record with this ID) int result Code2 = Add Student(5, "Smith", 130); // Should get -2 (Invalid age number) int result Code3 = Add Student(5, "Jason", 21); // Should get 0 (Success) This function is a very good choice when you want to know how many rows your query has affected.

NET, a Data Adapter functions as a bridge between a data source, and a disconnected data class, such as a Data Set.

At the simplest level it will specify SQL commands that provide elementary CRUD functionality.Students (Student ID, Student Name, Student Age) VALUES (2,'Catherin',23) INSERT INTO dbo.

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