Splash fighter updating configuration file

21-Mar-2020 15:03

VFA-94 A/C collateral damaged after F-14 ramp strike during carrier landing 20-JUL-93 aboard USS Abraham Lincoln. Additionally, BOL dispensers can be flush mounted to the Wing Pylons. , VFA-106 A/C while detached to Key West, Florida for training, crashed in shallow water off the Florida Keys, 60 mi W of Key West, FL. VMFA-232 A/C crashed on Twenty-Nine Palms Air Ground Combat Range, CA Jul 22, 2003 during air-to-ground delivery close air support training exercise. He had to wrap his parachute around himself against the cold conditions after landing at a height of 6,300ft in snow covered mountains. VFA-27 A/C damaged after launch incident aboard USS Independence. Solo pilot LT Rich Rivera ejected safely, but 12 members of flight deck crew were injured. 9-FEB-97, VMFA(AW)-121 from MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, crashed into the Yellow Sea 60 miles southwest of Korea during ACM.

A/C departed runway at NAS Miramar during landing roll and overturned 3-DEC-85. “Square loop” was attempted too low and the A/C s MACked into the ground.

First Hornet combat in Operation Prairie Fire on March 24/15, 1986 and Operation El Dorado Canyon 15 Apr ‘86. Crashed Kof A ["King of Arizona"] Game Refuge, Yuma, AZ, USA.