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02-Sep-2020 12:01

If you want to train to be a toastmaster, please read our Code of Ethics first.

If you agree that they are for you, you will be invited to train to the highest standards.

You’ll just have the memory of having seen your date naked a few minutes beforehand.

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Events covered but not restricted to those listed include;- Weddings of all types and cultures, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Gala Events, Banquets, Diplomatic Functions, City functions, Civic and Civil Occasions, Film work, Dinners and Charity events of all kinds. **************************************************************** If you want to train to be a professional toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies to help with the smooth running and success of any types of functions, you are in the right place. We are not a training organisation for people that wish to be better at public speaking. Inspired by Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, the event invites people to strip off before they head into speed-dating so you can quickly suss out your level of attraction to potential dates.