Sonam kapoor dating cyrus sahukar Girls ps3 sex chats

02-Sep-2020 20:21

They have also been roped in for Anil Kapoor’s ‘Ayesha’, an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic Emma.

Kapoor manages to look like a million bucks ( not everyone who spends that kind of money on their wardrobe can do that ),but is more flat and precious than lovable.

Apart from Arjun ( Deol) the successful investment banker,there’s Dhruv ( Singh) the hot hunk,every single rippling muscle in place,and Randhir ( Sahukar),the amiable moneyed ‘mithai’-shop scion.

They all play their parts well enough,even though we have a hard time believing that the dimpled Deol can fall for such a twit.

Sahukar was unsuccessful in winning Kapoor's affections in the Bollywood movie, but the pair grew close during filming and have become an item.

The couple have been spotted enjoying romantic meals at several Mumbai restaurants.Cyrus, who gave a new feel to comedy with Cyrus Broacha in the skits on MTV, feels that playing the role of a villain is his true call.