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19-Oct-2020 11:06

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All the dommes have twisted and sadistic imaginations and can come up with new and unique ways to torment and degrade their sissy subs and slaves.You will not be able to prepare yourself for the humiliation and degradation you will suffer at the hands of these dominatrix’s and all you can do is follow their orders to the letter and hope they show mercy on you. Each live Mistress gets a perverse pleasure and a little turned on by the things she can inflict on the likes of you. You are lower than the dirt on her stiletto boots and nothing but a sissy faggot who deserves to be reduced to the nothing you are.You will need to learn to buy pass the gag reflex because she will be forcing you to take bigger and bigger cocks as time goes on.All sissy sluts like you need to be ready to take massive cocks at a moment’s notice from a horny guy and practise makes perfect as they say. A big part is also anal training so you will also be made to get on all fours, pull your panties down, hitch your puffy skirt around your waist and slip that dildo between your cheeks and up your ass.We love, humiliating sissy girls, laughing at them, degrading them and making them do horrendous tasks so we can laugh our asses off.

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They will force you to go to the store fully dressed like a slut or sissy maid and buy groceries or feminine products.On your knees with mouth open, you will take that 10-inch rubber cock in your mouth and suck it like you are mad at it.Taking every inch down your throat, in and out of your mouth and gagging on it.All sissies need to be proficient in the household and domestic tasks and you will be no different.

You will be expected to be on your hands and knees scrubbing the floors or general tidying up duties.

There are videos online of sissies being forced to go in and buy a single cucumber and condoms. All live dommes have practically no limits and will think nothing of sending you out fully dressed with full makeup on into a public, crowded area and having people point and snigger at you for her own personal amusement.