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However, Harry is reluctant to bring a child into what is essentially a loveless marriage. The magical bond between harry and his godfather will be made himself death. The words “I can explain” were stuck on the tip of his tongue. Or the one in which a mysterious artefact kicks Harry back to a time where he collides with the Marauders and has to deal with completely unexpected emotions AND an upcoming creature inheritance - with consequences that are really going to freak him out. Marauders' Era starts with chapter 7.(tags and rating may change) Post-DH in the beginning, with spoilers for the whole series. The trio suddenly find themselves in the Hogwarts of 1977 in much more sinister circumstances than before.

Harry knows that he feels affection for his husband, but he cannot call it love. May include tropes such as genderbent characters and mpreg (maybe? Meantime, James and Sirius needed someone to make a choice. *In fact, James fulfilled this responsibilities instead of sirius. His captor struck a tall, imposing figure, black locks neatly framing his aristocratic cheekbones. But all that came out was a soft, strangled, “Sirius.”(In which Harry accidentally time travels to 1979, is forced to pose as a Death Eater, and is captured by the Order of Phoenix) Another of those time travel stories to save Sirius (in more than one way) and for Harry to have some more emotional chaos. Familiar faces of the past are only a part of the mess they’re in.

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Radio host Patrick Meagher saw his relationship with Stassi Schroeder as a business deal, a source tells Page Six.

~ You would probably meet because James & Remus slipped some Amortentia into his pumpkin juice at dinner because they were tired of listening to him talk about you and Sirius would be all over you for the rest of the night~ The next day Sirius would apologize and you would be super forgiving because you have such a huge crush on him ~ “Why’re you so understanding, huh Y/L/N? ” he’d say with an eyebrow raised and a smug smile/ smirk~ “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Black.” ~ And he’d just kiss you~ And you’d kiss him back~ And he’d tell you the Amortentia smelled like James Potter’s house, the smell of a new leather jacket, and your perfume and that he’d seen them slip it in his drink, he just wanted an excuse~ And you would be unofficially official (in his mind at least) ~ You wouldn’t know you were his girlfriend until some Ravenclaw you’d never met ran from you after you smiled at him, claiming that he didn’t want to even breathe in Sirius Black’s girlfriend’s direction because Sirius would most likely kill him~ And so you’d ask Sirius and he’d just turn into a blushing, mumbling git~ “I mean…you want to be my girlfriend, yeah?

” ~ “I’d love to be your girlfriend, Sirius.” ~ And he would smile and kiss your lips quickly before scurrying off down the hallway to his next class, “Later, angel!

Black.” ~ “Don’t call her that,” Sirius would grumble. She’s too pure to be a Black.” ~ You would do normal things like fly on a broomstick or walking across icy sidewalks to get inside and Sirius would lose his mind~ “Darling, please be careful. I’m always worrying, you know that.” ~ “Sirius, I was just walking up the steps.” ~ Getting into legitimate fights about books with Remus~ “Moony, stop yelling at my baby! ” ~ And you would turn around and throw your Care of Magical Creatures textbook at him and scream, “IT IS A REAL PLACE, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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I don't know how to get rid of this message and Sirius says contact Sonos.

But I m just not interested in having a sexually or consistently intimate relation with someone if it s not going to be committed, and that stems from wanting to be confident and validated and not used, it s so unicorn dating a couple to ask.

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