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20-Oct-2020 23:50

Just as we don’t sit around waiting for a job to show up when we’re unemployed – we edit our resume, send it out to companies, and network within our industry – we shouldn’t sit around in our homes expecting a spouse to appear out of thin air.We should live lives sold out to Christ, pursuing His commission, and actively put ourselves in a place to meet people who know Him – even online.Online dating is not a quick fix or a guarantee; it’s just another open door to try. Sometimes He offers many doors, and it’s our job to knock on them all.Sometimes, He gives us freedom to choose a door to walk through.Singles of Faith is a Christian owned online dating site that is focus on forming relationships between members and prepare them to be spiritually in the right state on mind.Here, Christian singles are able to build relationships with other people with the same faith in a safe, comfortable and fun online dating community.

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If your current work and lifestyle keep you from meeting people, the door you may need to open could be the one you’ve ignored: Online dating.

We have the freedom of choosing a spouse from among the Christ-followers we meet – but we have to meet them!