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Video Support "No theater would be operating in Main Street Iowa today if it weren't supported by video," said mm mm.- w Regal Video in Perry, stocks the Certainly, Hy-Vee is moving in the direction of one-stop shopping a trend that supermarket chains in other states have been pursuing for years."One form of convenience is the ability to get everything under one roof," said Raj Sethuraman, an economist who follows the grocery industry at the University of Iowa.The "Explore Minnesota" slogan is starting to pop up on T-shirts, said Steve Markuson of the department's advertising and promotion division. The state gets a double benefit because the licensing brings in extra dollars and spreads the tourism department's message.Reynolds said that ultimately the state may be able to sell enough licenses that it could print an entire catalog of "Iowa" items.They say Hy-Vee could hurt their business which, in turn, could harm Iowa's treasured yet fragile smalltown movie theaters.That's because many small theaters rely on video rentals, often right in the lobbies, to keep the theaters afloat.6 A registration fee of 5 in eludes the cost of program materials, lunch and refreshments For further information, contact Carolyn Norton at (319)335-1022 Question: My 91 -year-old mother has been buying stock in both her name and my name from time to time since the 1930s.I read that when I inherit the stock, my potential capital-gains tax liability will be greater than if my name was not on the stock. of Des Moines Answer: By all means, make the change.

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"The bulk of the increase in square footage is in non-food items," said Craig Carver, a food- Question: When do you sell stocks? Also, measure your stocks against the price-earnings ratio in the Standard & Poor's index portfolio and sniff the air for whiffs of recession or rising interest rates all potential trouble signs for stocks and their holders.

Access to state tourism artwork, he believes, would be attractive.