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18-Dec-2020 00:00

But there is one very specific thing you can do to significantly increase your chances of chatting up that hottie on Bumble: Talk about food! Salad, sushi, pasta, cheese and ice cream also made Zoosk’s list of edible wingmen.

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Interestingly, only a quarter of men feel the same way.

For 10 percent of women, going to a fast-food restaurant on the first date is a total deal breaker.

Apparently, people were pretty closed-minded when it came to dating a vegetarian back in 2015.

People who mentioned being a vegetarian in their messages saw 100 percent fewer replies than the average. Being a vegetarian in 2017 can actually win you a date, because mentioning it in a message boosted replies by 3 percent.If you are over 50, good news; we’ve got just the site for you!

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