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The fulling mill is a macliine used for performing this operation. Vitriol compound, , S2.00 to ^2.67 Verdigris, 8^ cts. The four following receipts for dyeing are copied from a paper written by Jonathan Hodges, Junior. 69 Braman's equal in inspiring respect or judiciously enforcing discipline. Everybody appeared to be much pleased with the entertainment ; particu- Lirly so were the actors and actresses. I often tried the pinching process to see if it was really I, and this generally decided the matter. Allen's funeral we lost by death a near and dear neighbor, the wife of Captain Elisha Grossman. A truer natural phenomenon, which strongly impressed me about this period, was the total eclipse of the sun in June, 1806.It is employed also for wasliing and cleaning, or " scouring," cloth. [1] To Make a Compound for Blew And green Powder 1 ounce of good Spanash flot [float or floating] Indego fine Sift it threw agoas Sfie [a gauze sieve] in a New arthon Point Mug [earthen pint mug] ad 6 ounces of good oyle of Vitrei ad 1 ounce of Slacked Lyme that is Not over Keene Sift your Lyme ad this Stur your Compound 2 houres this is fited [fitted] for youce [use] Let your mug Be new [and] Clean frome Nasteness. But things went quite smoothly until near the end of the term. Tlie last time I posed as an actor at a Norton school exhib- ition was when I was entering into business at Providence. But 1 was under a stress of business, and resolved that tliis must be my last appearance on any stage. Why was he carried away from his home and his family ? Many times during my early childhood the question of real existence came up for settlement. I think my mother nursed her during a great part of her sickness, the fatal result of which caused a sensation in our neighborhood, where every one appeared to feel that he had lost a loving friend. I remember how the husband wept as he took his last look at his departed * From the MS. I recollect as though but j^esterday the strange ap- pearance of the atmosphere, the peculiar glimmer or shadow on the ground, the twilight, the fowls going to roost, and cattle coming in from the pastures, and also the great demand for smoked glass.

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far as I have been able to learn, thought it worth while to de- scribe them. The fulling mill of Jonathan Hodges, Junior, was in the rear of his dwelling house. Moreover he was in- dolent and inattentive, and hence frequently received the serious attentions of the teacher, which, up to this time, he had not forcibly resented. I took the part of Robin Roughhead in the former, and of Tagg in the latter play, and spoke a prologue which I found in one of Garrick's old play-books. A Boston paper made a difference in that place of 59| A COUNTRY CHILD'S EVERY-DAY LIFE. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH TYPICAL OLD NEW ENGLANDER. In 1743, being twenty-one years of age, he married, and the next year he bought a lot of land in Norton, settled there and built there the first fulling mill ever erected in that town. For his military services he was paid in Continental paper money, wliich depreciated so rapidly 26 NEW ENGLAND ANCESTRY. (46) •^ -^ ^ Nil ^ ^ ^ ^ A SPECIMEN OF THE LEDGER OF JONATHAN HODGES, SENIOR. ONATHAN HODGES, Senior, learned the trade of clothier in Freetown, Massachusetts. I: .d the Os-erphis comir.g by the (Kid Salt ( ifanybc ) over and above the Charges of ta Jang and kreriing the- Dirtrefs or Dltbt De! Ami if«ny I'crfon or Perfons »nclfid as ofon Jiil, Qlajrveti;fc or jiegleft CO py the Sumor Sums foa&ncd, by the fpace of Twclrc'Days after Demand thereof, where no fui Stient Dirtreli nn or may be lound, whereby the lame may be levied ; in every hlch Cafe,- you are to epply your fetf unto Two or more of the AITcflbn within your Town fcr Warrant to commit fuch Pcrfon or Perfonsto the common Goat, as the Law du-cfts.

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In 1788 Jonathan Hodges sold the mill, with the land, shop, etc., to his son, Jonathan Hodges, Junior, who carried on the business until his death. Arnold — who purchased the estate in 1851 — its oak timbers being as sound and strong as when they were first hewn more than a century and a half ago. The articles which came to liim as a clotliier for treatment were various. When about four years old, I suffered from a fever or some similar sickness.The sides of the trough were formed by planks, some of which could be removed for the convenience of the work- man. The master seized Volum by the coat- collar, Volum grappled with the master, and a rough and tumble fight ensued. The last time which I remember clearly, I arose from bed, went to the chamber window, crept or jumped out backwards, and struck upon an embankment, rolling over upon a pile of stones.

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