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This saves fossil fuels in the most economical and sustainable way in relation to individual alternatives.

Therefore one assumes that new buildings, which according to local plans created for the DH supply area, will be connected to the DH system.

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Chaman : Aage bol Mujrim : Udhar teesrey maaley pe ek chikni khadi hui thi Chaman : Phir kya hua ? Lafda nahi karne ka” Chaman : Phir tuney kya kiya ? sacchi bolta hai bhai aisi katil jawaani apun akkhi life me nahi dekha. Tu aage bol (Starts to heat up) Mujrim : Phir kya tha…. lekin imaan se bolta hai, soch raha tha “Chaman Bhai ka area hai….. Mujrim : Phir usney apni kameez utar di Chaman : Phir ?The supply will initially be based on heat from the biomass-fired CHP plant - peak and reserve load production will come from boilers at the larger DH customers. The Development Plan is a study of the economic, customer-economic and environmental consequences of introducing DH in Køge; The extension of DH is concentrated on larger buildings, and therefore there will be 700 to 800 heating customers for the final extension, of which 100 customers will cover about 70 % of the DH demand.The development of the DH system will, in the first approx.Therefore it is proposes that natural gas supplies to these customers proceed as now, with an increased effort to get the remaining gasoil customers connected to natural gas.

Flexibility in the DH system is ensured for later extension to one-family house areas, where it becomes profitable after 2020.This is how the 'Kedarnath' controversy has finally...