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Later, it was discovered that when such a blowpipe flame acted on a block of calcium oxide, a brilliant white light resulted—limelight.His device was also the ancestor of the modern welding torches.

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He wrote two architectural treatises and other works that concentrate on his mathematical knowledge.

He also worked on the statistical mechanics of white dwarf stars (1926) with P. His first planes were built in collaboration with mechanics from his auto shop, working in a disused church building that Martin rented.

In 1909, Martin made his first successful flight; by 1911 he numbered among the most famous of the “pioneer birdmen.” He incorporated the Glenn L.

Swarts, established the first municipal bacteriological laboratory in the U. He determined from field studies and statistics that infectious diseases were spread in the region's temperate climate by simple personal contact.

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In 1910, he established Providence City Hospital where infectious disease carriers could be isolated under aseptic nursing conditions.Martin Aircraft Company in 1912 as a manufacturer, and remained for forty years the senior aircraft manufacturer in the U. The vast majority of the more than 11,000 planes built by the company before it ceased producing aircraft in 1960, Martin Bombers pioneered the doctrine of airpower in the 1920's to 1930's and served in all theaters in World War II.

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was born of mingled Virginia and New England stock, in Port Gibson, Mississippi, June 3, 1853; and died in New Orleans, December 23, 1878. Lynch was unusually clever and well educated: graduated with honors from St. … continue reading »

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