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'He was the one who selected the five prettiest girls and took them away. Send me my dresses.' Later, Almasa sent another note saying she was now called by a Serbian name.' From time to time the women were moved to a schoolhouse next door but this in no way relieved the horrors of Kalinovik.He took Almasa Jugo away in his own car, a red Golf. They could hear other women and men in the floor above them.'The Chetniks shouted at us: 'Look at how many children you can have. You are going to have our little Chetniks.' They said they weren't interested in women who were expecting babies because they couldn't make them pregnant.'Ziba, 26, mother of two, was among the first 12 women and girls to be selected by the Serbs at the Kalinovik camp. I asked if I would see Yasmin and Mirnes (her two infant boys) again and one of them said I would. We were all told to clean the hotel again and after we had done this they took us back to the gymnasium. The rapes went on day and night for a month.' The day was 2 August and all but 10 of the 105 women held prisoner in the gymnasium were to be gang-raped over the following 26 days, some of them by as many as seven Serb militiamen.'They called us 'bitches' and one of them pointed at me,' said Ziba. I was terrified they were going to kill the children while I was in the hotel. He said if I didn't do what they wanted, they would cut my throat. Their suffering was endured by thousands of other Muslim women in August and September of last year as Serbian forces 'ethnically cleansed' the Muslim villages of eastern and western Bosnia.Only after the test proved positive were they spared.According to five of the women, the leading rapist was called Bijelica; he was aged around 45 and came from Kalinovik. 'The worst was Pero Elez from Miljovina,' said Emira.

Ziba, Emira and the other 105 women who were sent to Kalinovik, set off for Konjic with their children and several old men and women. She said she was from the 'White Eagles' and that things were going to change for us.You can use a swing, a seesaw, and can crawl inside the sphere.