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For example, a sugar bowl with nicks from being bumped by other pieces can be fixed. Southern Pacific "Daylight" celery dish with huge top logo. * Note This article by Rick Wright first appeared in the Spring 1999 "Railroadiana Express", a publication of the Railroadiana Collectors Association Incorporated or RCAI. Rick Wright is past president of RCAI, and we thank him for permission to reprint his article here for all collectors to learn from and enjoy.

Tell the silversmith to polish the nicks out and stay away from the logo or bottom mark, then resilver the whole piece. A Santa Fe Route dustpan by Harrison & Howson from the early 1900s.

Railroad enthusiasts collect any train memorabilia. Everything is wanted, from oilcans to whole train cars.

The Chessie system has a store that sells many reproductions of its old dinnerware and uniforms. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=railroad&lgeo=1&mpre=

If you display your holloware, putting it in a glass case will keep it from tarnishing too quickly.

Be aware that if you heat your house with natural gas or heating oil, the sulfur in the air will cause the silver to tarnish quickly if not in a glass case. A Santa Fe hinged lid sugar bowl made by Harrison & Howson in the 1910s.

Photos in various railroad books might show holloware in use, thereby helping to establish a date.

The best reference book on railroad holloware with excellent photos and descriptions was written by Everett Maffett.

If you find a desirable holloware item that is in less-than-excellent condition, it's a good idea to know something of silverware restoration before investing in it.While there are a few craftsman that can "restore" a logo by re-engraving it, most won't do this on silver plate because the material is too thick and too hard on their equipment.Third, find out if there is a silversmith in your area that works on silver plate.Try to get an idea of what a piece would cost to resilver to see if your investment is worthwhile.

A piece can be repaired if the damage is of a minor nature.Dating such pieces can be accomplished in various ways, depending on the manufacturer.