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Timely delivery of a periodical product is extremely important to the mailer--this is, after all, our livelihood they’re jacking with.

The post office bureaucracy often doesn’t seem to care.

****** Having said that, I will give Monsees credit for at least making open comments and initiating some dialogue during the board meeting. And no, by ‘show some tummy’ I’m not asking them to raise their shirts. It’s really not that difficult, or at least it shouldn’t be.

Let’s be honest, school board members typically aren’t the bravest bunch of elected officials you’ll ever meet. When did it become a requirement to be spayed or neutered before running for school board? By show some tummy I mean show some willingness to openly speak your mind, think for yourself, openly question proposals by your administrators, go against the grain. Platte County R-3 had one about a decade ago in Trish Stinnett.

Others of you only contact me when there is slow mail delivery of your weekly Landmark. Most of the issues seem to occur in the southern part of the county, specifically in the zip codes of 6412.

If feels like we’re sending mail into the Bermuda Triangle. Having had our own bad experiences in mailing newspapers to those zip codes, and then getting calls from residents who say their delivery service of other mail often sucks, I’ve grown weary of filing polite complaints with the post office.

Only on Landmark Live at County is the second healthiest county in the state, you guys, which is outstanding. I guess this is proof when you’re at the top the only direction you can head from that point is downward.

****** If you’ve been following our reporter Valerie Verkamp’s coverage of Park Hill’s building plan in the Line Creek area and its effect on the forest there, good for you. Park Hill’s school board last week pushed ahead with its master plan, ignoring concerns raised by organizers of a group to “Save the Last KC Forest.” You can learn more by following the group on Facebook.

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We’ll say it again: If influential members of the community want to write letters to judges--letters that are open records--urging leniency for a confessed child molester those influential members of the community should not expect, and in fact have given up, any right to anonymity.

(Since the forest is some of the last remaining original woodland forest in KC / Platte County).