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Serena didn't want to make it obivious that she was suspious of Michelle, so she acted as thou she was glad to see her."I don't mean to intrude," Michelle said finally, breaking the silence."You weren't intruding," Lita stated."What's that book?

" Serena blurted out, she covered her mouth after saying it.

The three girls tried their best to find Raye a date the hard way.

Mina didn't make their search easier by ditching the girls because they rejected her idea which was sure to fail.

The all have slightly different uniforms all based on the sailor look.

In this dress up game you can create your favorite soldier or just mix and match until you come up with a new soldier, never before seen!

It wasn't like her to just walk up to someone and spark a conversation.

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Both girls turned around in surprise to see Michelle.

Serena folded her arms."No offense Mina, but I think it would be best if we tried to get Raye a date without it being too much hassle," Lita said, putting her hand on Mina's shoulder.